Download your Poster Booklet and prepare for our flipped conference

It is nearly time to start enjoying each others company, learning from each other and strategising how we can work together to advocate for, collaborate on, promote and share good practice of interprofessional education and collaborative practice in the Africa Region.

This will not be an ordinary conference where we sit and listen to lectures and panels. We want to make most out of our face-to-face time together by holding discussions, learning from and encouraging each other.

We want to learn from each other what are the implications of our research/projects to make Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice a cornerstone in building effective systems for health, improving the health outcomes of persons and communities, and in solving complex problems.

So, we will be having a flipped conference. You will receive a booklet, allowing you to prepare for the various oral and poster sessions. You can already download the booklet here to prepare for the conference.

Following an oral session, the presenters of that session will meet around tables with colleagues, who have poster presentations related to the same theme. They – and whoever would like to join them –  will discuss what they can learn from each other’s work. The small groups will deliberate on the importance of the various project for taking Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice forward in Africa.

To stimulate discussion, presenters will also have the opportunity to ask questions they would like the audience to respond to relating to their work.

So go ahead and download