Last minute arrangements

In a week’s time we are in Nairobi, enjoying each others company, learning from each other and strategising how we can work together to advocate for, collaborate on, promote and share good practice of interprofessional education and collaborative practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We have a stunning programme, check it out:

Please take note (and action) of the following:

  1. True to the ethos of interprofessional collaboration, there will be no titles and hierachy at the conference. We are all equal, on first name terms. We have to practice what we preach.
  2. The dress code is informal. No need for a suit, tie or other clothing that is not true to yourself.
  3. We need to arrange for transport shuttles between your hotel and the venue. We need to know when you are arriving and where you will stay. Please complete this short survey by Friday 26 July 2019 at noon:
  4. We have a conference WhatsApp group to communicate urgent issues. Join now:
  5. If you need transport from the airport to your hotel, please contact your hotel to arrange the transfer.
  6. If you haven’t paid for the conference yet, please contact Gérard Filies urgently to arrange for payment: You will be able to pay cash at the registration desk, but you have to inform us beforehand.
  7. If you are not able to join us anymore, please be considerate and let us know immediately.