Pre-conference workshops

All pre-conference workshops will be half-day and will include a morning or afternoon tea. Parallel workshop sessions will apply on both days.

TUESDAY 30 JULY 2019: 13h00 to 16h00

Pre-conference Workshop 1:
Exploring the interprofessional competencies required to practice collaborative research in Africa

Main Presenter: Elize Pietersen

Workshop outcomes:

  • Reflect critically on current interprofessional clinical health science research practices in Africa
  • Explore the interprofessional competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) required to conduct collaborative research within this context.

Pre-Conference Workshop 2:
Key Dimensions of Interprofessional Teamwork

Main Presenter: Firdouza Waggie

Workshop outcomes:

  • Explore notions and dimensions of interprofessional teamwork.
  • Describe the roles and skills that contribute to effective teams, and analyze ineffective teamwork and identify possible causes.
  • Describe the stages of teamwork and be equipped with strategies for teams to move through the various stages.
  • Describe principles and strategies that could be applied in developing interprofessional teamwork interventions
  • Allow time for constructive interaction among participants to share ideas and experiences.

WEDNESDAY 31 JULY 2019: 08h30 – 11h30

Pre-Conference Workshop 3:
Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: From the classroom to clinical and community settings

Main Presenter: Firdouza Waggie

Workshop outcomes:

  • Introduce the core concepts relating to interprofessional education and collaborative practice.
  • Explore the extent to which IPE and ICP are already integrated into undergraduate health professions programmes of participants.
  • Describe frameworks, core principles/ strategies that could be applied in the design of an ICP undergraduate programme.
  • Allow time for constructive interaction amongst fellows to share ideas and to explore collaborations and networks.

Pre-Conference Workshop 4:
Inteprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice: theory to practice

Main Presenter: Luzaan Kock-Africa

Workshop outcomes:

  • To express perceptions of the roles of other health professionals, followed by role clarification.
  • Introduction and discussion of an interprofessional care template.
  • Using the presented template, the professions will work together to fully assess and plan an interprofessional intervention plan based on a case study.